Fix your wonky photos

Learn how to realign your captured snaps.

Take a good hard look at your most recent iPhone photos. Is that pic of your dad shot from an oddly low angle? Are the Colosseum’s columns from your trip to Rome just a little crooked? Is the horizon in your sunset not quite... horizontal?

When your photo needs a little perspective shift, Adobe Lightroom can help you fix it with a tap. Using the Upright feature in the app’s Geometry tab, Lightroom will give your photo the perfect perspective.

Heres how to use it.

1. Import your photo into Lightroom.

2. In the menu at the bottom of the screen, swipe over to Geometry and tap it. Then look for the Upright menu.

3. Here’s where the fun begins: The various options in the Upright menu will adjust your photos automatically! Toggle through Auto, Level, Full and Vertical to see which one perfects your pic.

Sometimes, all your photo needs is a little perspective.

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