Help kids manage their emotions

From smiles one minute to temper tantrums the next, the erratic feelings and moods children experience can also be an equally emotional rollercoaster for parents.

However, instead of blaming kids for misbehaving, taking a more open and accepting approach to these natural emotions can help children learn to manage their feelings, develop self-control and go with the flow.

A little me time

Me: A Kids Diary encourages children to explore their feelings and express themselves by answering gently guided questions.

Kids first create avatars to represent themselves and the important people in their lives such as friends, family and pets. Then, creating diary entries encourages them to describe their favourite game, pet or just how they are feeling.

    Me: A Kid's Diary by Tinybop

    Tell your story.


Mindfulness games

Meditation and mindfulness isn’t just for adults. In Stop, Breathe & Think Kids, cheerful cartoon animals lead children through activities designed to help them identify, process and describe their emotions.

Meditation and breathing exercises target feelings of anxiety, disappointment and other common emotions, helping children vent their feelings in positive ways.

    Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

    Kids Meditation & Better Sleep


Calming colours

Based on principles of art therapy, Zen Studio encourages children to fingerpaint their way to increased focus and patience.

Each canvas allows kids to express their mood through colour choice, and with each tap and swipe, they’ll also conduct their own calming soundtrack.

    Zen Studio meditation for kids

    Calming musical colouring