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We reveal the hottest food trends from around the globe.

Deliveroo: Food delivery

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Food-on-demand app Deliveroo just keeps on expanding.

Since it was founded in 2013, it has grown to operate in over 200 cities across 12 countries – and it sees the latest food trends happening in real-time.

So we asked them to run the numbers on what different nations across the world are ordering through Deliveroo. Here’s what they said.

Petit déjeuner peaking in France

“The French are becoming more accustomed to food delivery and are increasingly ordering food outside of traditional meal times,” explains Deliveroo marketing director Jamie Swango, who says breakfast orders have increased by over 160% this year.

Snacks and dessert orders are now five times what they were this time last year, with 4pm proving a popular time to get a Deliveroo in France. Lunch orders are also up 92% compared to the previous year.

Aussies are into veganism

Vegan food orders in Australia are up an incredible 600% since last year, says Deliveroo. “Increasing popularity and awareness around veganism has seen new and exciting takes on meat-free dining popping up countrywide,” adds Swango.

Plant-based burgers, hot dogs, doughnuts and ‘chicken’ have been particularly popular.

Britain loves breakfast, too

Saturday morning orders in the UK have increased by 112% in the last year. “People traditionally associate food delivery with a Friday or Saturday night in,” says Swango. “Now breakfast ordering is available, people are loving the fact they can aid their morning recovery after a big Friday night.”

UAE loves Poké

The most popular dish in United Arab Emirates is a salmon Poké bowl, with orders of Poké increasing by 2,000% within the past year. “People living in Dubai are the healthiest customers on Deliveroo around the world,” says Swango. “Salads are particularly popular too, and orders have increased by 74% over the past year.”

Tea’s a treat in Hong Kong

Bubble tea and fruit tea orders have surged upwards by 500% since the start of the year. “Under the influence of Taiwan and Shenzhen in the past year, a number of tea shops opened new branches in Hong Kong, which created a wave of hype among the local foodies,” explains Swango.

Singapore snubs sugar

Deliveroo has seen a 408% increase in orders for sugar-free food in the past year. Why? “The Singapore president made a speech last year to encourage Singaporeans to lower their sugar intake,” says Swango.

Brown rice orders are also on the rise, increasing by 131% since last year as more people opt for the slightly healthier option compared to white rice.

Germans are going meat-free, too

Vegan food has been trending in Germany too, especially in Berlin and Hamburg, which saw increases of vegan orders by 92% and 162% respectively this year. The most popular vegan dish of the last year has been the Pizza Pesto Genovese from Pizzare Vegan Gourmet.

Surprise! Italians love Italian food

Deliveroo’s data says that Italian pasta orders went up by 85% and Peroni orders have increased by 500% in the last year. But it’s not all local favourites that Italians are ordering.

“In addition to their local pizza and pasta dishes, people in Milan also love sushi,” says Swango. “Sushi orders have increased by 140% in the past six months and the number one dish right now is the shrimp and sesame hand roll.”

Spain is all about guilty pleasures

Where some nations are ordering healthier delivery food, the Spanish are indulging a little more. Burger orders have increased by 58% within the past year, and ice-cream orders are up by 80%.

“The most popular flavours are cookies and cream and chocolate,” adds Swango. “People in Spain also use Deliveroo’s beach delivery service the most out of customers around the world.”

    Deliveroo: Food delivery

    Order takeaway food online