Track your fitness like an athlete

Eclipse Yourself

Activity, Recovery & Readiness


Eclipse Yourself, the health-tracking app loved by some of the biggest names in sports – from the Australian men’s cricket team to AFL’s Adelaide Crows – is now available to everyone on the App Store.

Drawing on data from your Apple Watch, Eclipse Yourself analyses your Activity, Recovery and Readiness to serve up a holistic visual view of your health: your Eclipse reading. It’s been a game-changer for professional athletes and their coaches (we asked!), and here’s why it’s great for your health goals, too.

Simple to use

A quick glance at the app’s home screen is all it takes. A Balanced Eclipse reading means you’ve nailed both your physical activity and recovery. A Partial Eclipse, however, may signal that you need more sleep, have eased up on your training or are coming down with something. Tap on each metric to view easy-to-read graphs that give you deeper insights into your overall health and wellbeing.

The coach’s take: “The big appeal is that it all happens in the background,” says Darren Burgess, high-performance manager for the AFL’s Adelaide Crows. “The athletes simply need to wear the watch and their data allows me to look at their physical performance, their recovery, their levels of stress and more.”

What vital insights will your Eclipse reading reveal today?

More than fitness

Workouts don’t tell the complete picture. Your Eclipse reading is the culmination of loads of useful health data: Activity tracks your incidental activity, workouts and training load; Recovery analyses your quality of sleep through signals such as heart rate and blood oxygen; and your Readiness draws heart rate variability, waking pulse and much more.

The coach’s take: “The major benefit is the breadth of the metrics,” says Greg Shaw, general manager of performance support at Swimming Australia. “Body temperature, heart rate variables, sleep trends, training load trends, etc. – all capable of being turned on and off depending on the level of insight you are looking for.”

Built-in support network

Data sharing in Eclipse Yourself allows coaches to track the fitness and wellness of their athletes. And for the rest of us, it’s a chance to share our wins. With an Eclipse Yourself + Share subscription, you can share the health data of your choice with your support network – whether that’s your teammates, family or friends. Beat your PB this week? Wait for the high fives to come rolling in!

The coach’s take: “As a coach I am able to see how the individual athletes are coping with not only their training and game loads, but also more holistically,” says Andrew Weller, senior SSSM performance manager for Cricket Australia. “We have athletes playing all around the world and Eclipse Yourself provides the ability to have meaningful conversations with them.”

Congratulations, you’re ready to take on the day!

Spotlight on sleep

Developer Tantsissa brought us the nifty sleep tracker AutoSleep, and sleep quality also takes centre stage in Eclipse Yourself. Your Recovery circle takes into account your most important sleep metrics such as how long you slept for, the quality of sleep, your heart rate variability, blood oxygen, respiration rate and more, to see where improvements can be made.

The coach’s take: “With some of the players using Eclipse Yourself, information coming through revealed they hadn’t developed a sleep routine for themselves, which is really important in this space,” says Burgess. “Developing that routine for them has had a pretty good impact so far – they’re certainly more pleasant because they’ve had more sleep!”