New parents' survival kit

You’ve just welcomed your bundle of joy into the world and have a whirlwind of emotions: You’re blissful, overwhelmed, delighted, tired, excited and frightened all at the same time.

This is one of life’s biggest adventures, and here is your survival kit, the App Store way:

#1 Track routines (or lack thereof)

As a new parent, with so many new things happening and to keep track of, it can be challenging to remember when you last changed your newborn’s nappy, let alone the length of yesterday's late afternoon nap.

Use these trusty apps to help you keep track.

    Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

    Breastfeeding Timer Diaper Log


    Sprout Baby (Baby Tracker)

    Baby Tracker & Development App


    The Wonder Weeks

    The Wonder Weeks


#2 Know your sleep aids

Most paediatricians say that the first four months are vital for building sleep habits. These apps help babies get their 💤’s a little bit easier and make bedtime less stressful for both of you.

    Sleeptot - Baby White Noise

    #1 Baby Sleep Sounds App


    Sleepy Sounds



    Baby Monitor 3G

    Video Nanny Cam


#3 Support early development

Babies learn a lot from their parents as they spend time together. These apps guide you to support their mental and physical development from day one.

    Kinedu: Baby Development Plan

    Activity Ideas and Milestones


    BabySparks - Development App

    Baby Activities & Milestones


#4 Shop the missing pieces

“Our baby won’t need that straight away, we can buy it later.” If this sentence sounds somewhat familiar, you might already be having second thoughts. Shopping lists for newborns keep growing with last-minute additions, and we’ve got you covered.

    PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing

    Online shopping deals for moms


    Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods

    Shop Handmade & Vintage Goods



    Shopping deals on top brands


#5 Enjoy the ride

However unrealistic it may sound now, there will come a time when you get uninterrupted sleep every night and feel less baffled about parenthood. Needless to say, your baby will not be a baby anymore.

Life is moving too fast, so rejoice in every single moment while you can. Mark your baby’s milestones and share the joy with your loved ones with these cute and functional apps.

    BackThen Family & Baby Photos

    Photo Album, Baby Milestones


    Tinybeans Family Photo Album

    Baby Milestones, Photo Sharing


    Totsie – Baby Photo Editor

    Pregnancy & Baby Milestone Art


    Baby Snap: Daily Photo Story

    One second snaps every day