Three unstoppable Gears POP! squads

Pop the competition with these trusty teams.

Gears POP!

Epic Real-Time PvP Battles!


Gears POP! transforms the blockbuster Gears of War into a strategic tower-toppler. But with dozens of units to choose from, how do you build an unbeatable team?

The game’s developers at Microsoft gave us the inside line on the most potent squad types. Show the Locust you mean business!


Key units: Damon Baird, Longshot Gear, Sentry, Deadeye

Before taking enemy outposts in Gears POP!, you’ve gotta take cover. A territorial squad focuses on troops that claim and keep territory as long as possible.

Longshot Gear and Deadeye dig in and hold cover, firing powerful shots downfield. The Sentry can thwart an enemy push, while Baird builds turrets that defend turf.

Consider using projectiles like Nemacysts to ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed by units that rush your objective.

Grab territory and your long-range units will keep enemies at bay.


Key units: Augustus Cole, Dominic Santiago, Boomer, Locust Drone

Gears of War isn’t exactly subtle – and neither is the offensive-minded Beatdown squad.

A great offence is the best defence in this aggressive line-up.

The Locust Drone brings amazing value, while the powerful Augustus Cole can finish any push on the enemy outpost. For maximum impact, use Dominic Santiago’s healing skill to bring units back to full health mid-push.

And if swarming enemies like Wretches are wreaking havoc, take care of them with the massive Boomer and his sizable grenade launcher.

Get enough of these hefty units on the battlefield and your enemy won’t know what hit ’em.


Key units: Marcus Fenix, Kait Diaz, Reyna Diaz, Lancer Crew

To control the game, control the lanes! And to do that, try a Quickfire squad.

Your goal: take down an outpost with a single, overwhelming strike before getting back into a defensive posture. Lane control is the specialty of Marcus Fenix, who takes cover quicker than any other unit in the game. Combined with the Lancer Crew, you can get off to a fast start pushing the lane.

Capture some territory and unleash Reyna or Kait Diaz!

Once you’ve established a foothold, play Reyna Diaz to take out larger enemies or an Outpost quickly. Need a heavier hitter? Kait Diaz is an Outpost-crushing specialist, dealing heavy damage and hanging in with solid defensive stats.

    Gears POP!

    Epic Real-Time PvP Battles!