It’s playtime in the classroom.

Sago Mini School (Kids 2-5)

Preschool kids learning games.


One thing we love about Sago Mini School? It doesn’t look anything like a classroom. The app teaches preschoolers the basics of literacy, maths, science and problem-solving in a brightly coloured world. Friendly characters will take your kiddos along for engaging activities, such as tracing letters with rainbow colours or making a tower with numbers.

What we love: The kid-friendly topics that guide the curriculum. Learning is organised by themes such as bugs, rainbows and big trucks. Tap into the bugs section, for instance, and children will see all kinds of explorable puzzles, mazes, word games and fun facts. (Did you know butterflies taste with their feet? We didn’t either.)

Sago Mini School is an adorable way to learn your ABCs, 123s and much more.

Quick tip: Encourage your child’s curiosity by following along with what they’re doing and asking them questions that keep them engaged. The free companion app Sago Mini Parents makes this easy by showing you exactly what your child has been focused on and offering conversation starters to keep the learning going.

Meet the creator: Toronto–based developer Sago Mini has created many beloved children’s apps – the most prominent being Sago Mini World. You can find their adorable animal characters across all their apps – and in the Sago Mini Friends show on Apple TV+.