So You Want to Be a Cartoonist

If you were one of the kids rushing downstairs on Sunday morning to dive into the Funnies, you probably dreamed of one day creating your own comic strip. You might have even dabbled in drawing some. Today, artists can brainstorm, sketch, ink, and publish their comics all on iPad — no syndication required!

So where should you start? You might begin by imitating an artist you like in Marvel: Color Your Own, or sit outside and draw what you see in Procreate. The more you practice, the more you define your style. Whether you choose to draw realistically or more stylized, your skill will grow with practice.

Next, use Comic Draw For School to practice the art of storytelling by experimenting with different panel and page layouts.

Finally, seek feedback. Share your work with family, friends, and other artists and listen to how it affects them. Find an online community like Artup or Tumblr to find even more ways to improve.

    Marvel: Color Your Own

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    Procreate Pocket

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    Comic Draw for Schools




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