Let’s hit the road

You never know what’ll happen on a road trip – but with these videogame jaunts, you can choose. Meet friends, fight zombies… serve tacos? It’s up to you!

Wasteland adventure

Start here for a taste of the postapocalyptic wilds. Ashworld sets you loose in a gritty open world where you battle ruthless gangs. There’s some combat in Gunman Taco Truck too, but the best part is simply feeding folks in different cities. Their smiles make it all worthwhile.


    an apocalyptic survival world


    Gunman Taco Truck

    Save your family's taco truck


Undead encounters

With ghouls around every corner, these treks are extra-tense. In Zombie Road Trip, your car can barely outrun a horde of them (clear a path and do flips to gain speed). Death Road to Canada and Organ Trail: Director’s Cut are deeper, less arcade-style journeys: you’ll lead multiple survivors, explore ruins and wield the deadliest of weapons.

    Death Road to Canada

    Zombie roadtrippin'


    Organ Trail: Director's Cut



Rough terrain

If you’re more of a builder than a fighter, try Hardway. While driving, you’ll literally lay stretches of road in front of you so you can keep going. It’s a great test of reflexes and nerves.

    Hardway - Endless Road Builder

    Build roads in arcade mode


Leisurely drives

The more story-based experience Wheels of Aurelia lets you cruise through 1970s Italy, meeting interesting (and questionable) characters while learning about local sites. Bumpy Road is similarly chill: while out for a casual drive, lift the road to send your car coasting past obstacles.

    Wheels of Aurelia

    Interactive Italian Road Trip


    Bumpy Road



Or how about a stroll?

Road-trippers will dig The Trail, a long, relaxing walk through the countryside. On your way to a fabled city, gather food, build tools, trade resources and get a sense of how our country’s pioneers must have felt.

    The Trail

    Discover a Frontier Adventure!