Batman: The Enemy Within


A spellbinding adventure, The Enemy Within boldly challenges what we expect from Batman and superhero games.

In this sequel to Batman: The Telltale Series there are some genuinely surprising spins on famous characters: The Riddler is more maniacal than usual, an old friend makes a shocking exit and new revelations about Bruce Wayne’s family history cast a shadow over an already dark universe.

Being Bruce will make you rethink his dual identities. Is he just a mask that Batman wears?

Unlike most Batman games, you spend much of your time as Bruce – visiting Wayne Enterprises, socialising at a casino, even navigating Gotham’s seedy underworld. Between his snappy quips and great story beats, the billionaire businessman is as fun to play as his caped counterpart.

As the Dark Knight, you’ll leverage his legendary brain and brawn. When you aren’t hacking computers and analysing crime scenes, you’ll go toe to toe with foes such as Bane and Mister Freeze.

Follow the prompts during action sequences to take down bad guys.

In this game your actions really matter. The crucial decisions you make as Batman and Bruce affect events down the line. Those choices have an especially big impact toward the end of episode 4, where your response sends you down one of two very different branching paths in the final episode.

Choose carefully! How you answer questions influences your relationships later in the game.

Now that all five episodes have been released, you can experience the whole story from start to finish. It’s a mature, provocative take on the Batman mythos, and a must-play for comics fans.

    Batman: The Enemy Within