Who's that dino?

Meet the stars of Jurassic World Alive.

Summer smash Jurassic World Alive has 100 fearsome dinosaurs to capture, breed and battle – and there are more coming to the game soon.

Some of these toothy terrors lived on Earth for millions of years, and some are hybrids created for the film universe. So to get you started in Jurassic World Alive, here’s more intel on five of our favourite dinos – including tips on when best to deploy them in battle.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Name means: King tyrant lizard.

Believed to be highly aggressive but only of moderate intelligence, this iconic carnivore lived in the Late Cretaceous period, 66-68 million years ago. The dino was believed to eat at least 308 pounds of meat every day, and its bite strength – more than 10 times that of an adult alligator – helps with that.

Best in battle when: You need an aggressor with high health points (HP). These help this big unit survive attacks from major enemies, while dishing out big damage in armour-piercing rampages.


Name means: River styx demon.

Despite its devilish name and space-alien looks, Stygimoloch is a herbivore that dines on ferns and low-lying soft plants. Those mean-looking spikes on the back of its head fend off predators.

Best in battle when: You need to be the first to do damage – this speedy dino gets right in there and charges.


Name means: Three-horned face.

This is an aggressive dino, particularly for a herbivore. Triceratops’s horns might makes up for it being less than sharp in the synapses. A fixture of the Late Cretaceous period, this sharp-toothed, hard-bodied beast often has visible lesions on the sides of its frills from locking horns with others.

Best in battle when: You want to stun or thrash your opponent with a velocity strike.


Name means: Swift thief

This famous dino hails from the Early Cretaceous period – 115-108 million years ago. As you’ll have seen in the films, it is a smart, stealthy carnivore with an incredible bite force for its size. Its sharp claws were likely used to pin down prey, making chomping easier.

Best in battle when: You want to pounce on your enemy and use strike force to inflict damage.


Name means: Unknown

A major figure in the latest film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Indoraptor is a hybrid created in the movie’s lab rather than a dino that actually walked the Earth. Its estimated weight is over a tonne, so give this big’un loads of room. It is extremely aggressive, smart and it has pitch-perfect echolocation abilities.

Best in battle when: You need a ferocious, high-damage strike to wipe out an enemy.

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