Artistic Fun

OK, so maybe your artistic ability never graduated beyond stick figures. That doesn’t mean you can’t make something beautiful in these fantastic games, all of which celebrate your creative side with satisfying challenges both intuitive and fun.

Unleash your inner artist

Go ahead—pick up that virtual pen and draw dynamic bridges or objects with real physics for a lovable hero to traverse in the innovative platformer Max and the Magic Marker - Remastered. Or see if your friends can guess your best sketches in the iOS re-creation of the classic board game Pictionary.

    Max & the Magic Marker - Remastered

    The Creative Platformer


    Draw Something

    Draw & Guess with your friends


Blend the colors

Ooh, pretty. It’s hard not to see the beauty in these great puzzle games, all of which revolve around colors. Harmony 3’s stunning presentation and sublime soundtrack will keep you coming back for more, and you’ll learn color theory in the stellar effort Blendoku 2.

    har•mo•ny 3

    Experience the sound of color


    Blendoku 2