Games you play with your face

Let’s face it: This sounds hilarious.

These games are guaranteed to make you smile. Or wink. Or raise an eyebrow or two. Or scrunch your nose and stick out your tongue.

Thanks to your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera system (all games except Mimics require iPhone X or newer) your face is the controller. And, yes, this means you’ll look a little silly while you play. But that’s kind of the point.

Face your enemies

In Wacky Face, creepy green monsters are out to get you, a purple raccoon-cat thing. So naturally you zap them out of the sky by opening your mouth or winking.

Taking down enemies unlocks more playable creatures and tougher challenges. You can also record your gameplay, complete with a little video of your facial expressions in the upper-left corner (provided you give Wacky Face the proper permissions), to share with friends.

    Wacky Face

    Play With Your Face


Take a brow

Feeling moody? In Rainbrow, you control a face emoji with your expressions. Raise your eyebrows and the emoji jumps up. Make a frown and it falls down. Halt all facial expressions – go full mannequin, basically – and the face emoji stays put.

You’ll have to switch expressions quickly to dodge other emoji coming to knock you off a rainbow. And keep an eye out for rainbow powers, which temporarily grant you the ability to eliminate any emoji-based enemy headed your way.


    Eyebrow-controlled game!


The nose knows

Nose Zone doesn’t ask you to blink your eyes or make a goofy face. But it does ask you to point – with your nose.

As neon blocks float up the screen, you can stop them by pointing your nose in their direction, firing off lasers. The higher your score, the better shot you have at unlocking bonus rounds to rack up even more points. It’s harder than it sounds!

    Nose Zone

    Your face is the controller!


A real face-off

Mimics is all about making your friends laugh. You’ll be shown a cartoonish sketch of a person, pet or monster making a silly face. Imitate the face and your friends will have to guess which picture you mimicked.

You can also play online, and with hundreds of drawings to unlock, you’ll be making countless funny faces – but don’t worry: your mother was joking when she said your face would stay that way. (We hope.)