Soothing sounds to fall asleep to

Help is here when all you need is rest.

Sleep is a precious thing, so finding ways to turn 40 winks into a restful eight hours has become a major pursuit for us all. One way to soothe your brain, block annoying noises or soften the silence of the small hours is to use apps that play restful sounds.

There are hundreds of apps designed to aid sleep, so from waterfalls to forest soundscapes here is our selection of those that offer the best soothing sounds.

Desert island sounds

From the moment you open Sonus Island and arrive at the virtual island you’ll be met with sounds designed to make you relax. Move around the map and you’ll find various tropical island soundscapes to suit your mood. Our favourite is the forest noise meditation – where birdsong and the distant rumble of the waves combine to lull you into a peaceful place.

    Sonus Island: Relaxing Sounds

    Guided Mindfulness & Sleep


Sleepy bedtime stories

Many people – not just children – still like to wind down for bedtime with a soporific story. Calm may be best known as a meditation app, but since sleep is a huge part of your wellbeing the app also has a library of meditative bedtime stories that are designed to send you to sleep before you reach the end.

    Calm - Meditation and Sleep

    Meditation and Sleep Stories


Customised cacophonies

For some, ready-made soundscapes aren’t quite right. Maybe the rain is too heavy, the whistle of the wind a little intense or the waves too loud. MyNoise remedies this by giving you control. You can customise your sleep sounds until you find your perfect combination of pattering rain and rumbles of distant thunder.

    myNoise | Relax, Sleep, Work

    White Noise & Nature Sounds


Peaceful personalised tones

Endel’s brilliant premise is that it generates a personalised soundscape, based on your own body and your surroundings at any particular moment, to help you focus, relax or – crucially – sleep. Hitting the sleep button will seamlessly move your own soundscape into a softer, gentler pace, readying you for a relaxed and restful night.

    Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax

    Personalized sounds & noises