Hungry Dragon™ is
a riotous eat-‘em-up

There’s carnivorous carnage aplenty in Ubisoft’s latest romp.

Hungry Dragon™

A monster of a Dragon game!


Cheerful canaries? Yum. Bright pink bugs? Delicious. Innocent villagers? Nom nom nom.

The only thing stopping you gobbling up everything in Hungry Dragon™ is the size of your scaly beast and its appetite for destruction.

Think your dragon is big enough to gobble up an eagle? Give it a shot. What about a herd of innocent sheep? Swoop down and see what happens. You can even devour other scaly winged beasts, but be careful who you pick a fight with; it’s a dragon-eat-dragon world out there.

Such beautiful birds! And tasty, too.

This new eat-‘em-up takes the exploratory voraciousness of the Hungry Shark games and plops it into a fun fantasy world.

It’s even got the same mischievous humour of those previous underwater adventures; you can almost feel the glee with which the development team dreamed up new things to devour.

Guiding the dragon around with your thumb, you’ve got to keep gobbling up creatures and characters to keep your beast fed and happy, or it’s game over. Get a good streak going and your dragon will be able to breathe fire, yielding ever more points and rewards.

Nail a streak and your dragon will be able to breathe fire, causing even more carnage.

You’ll cackle as you raid a feathery flock of birds; wince with the crunch of an archer’s bones snapping in your jaws; giggle as you send villagers running for cover before devouring them whole.

But it’s not just eating up other living things; there are other secrets and collectibles in every nook and cranny. And with all of your currency and trinkets you can buy a steady stream of upgrades, plus bigger, badder beasts to play as.

Hungry Dragon™ is an all-you-can-eat buffet of slapstick carnage, and yet it leaves you peckish for more. Tuck in.

    Hungry Dragon™

    A monster of a Dragon game!