Sleep better with these 3 apps

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We know how it is. You’re exhausted but restless. Maybe you find it hard to drift off. Perhaps the kids keep waking you up. Thanks to some excellent apps, there’s hope for a full night’s rest.

Settle your mind

There’s no point heading to bed with your heart racing as 1,000 tasks run through your head. Take some time to wind down with Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds.

The app allows you to choose the mix of sounds that help you settle down to sleep: it could be birds chirping, a river or waterfall flowing, even thunder – whatever helps you relax. It also has meditations to prepare you for sleep.

    Relax Melodies: Sleep Better

    Calm Sounds Guided Meditation


Settle the kids

It’s 9pm and the children are still running riot and asking to go to the loo for the 15th time. If you can’t get a restful night because your four year-old has other ideas, then try Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness.

These soporific bedtime stories are designed to lull your children into a deep sleep with their soothing narratives and rhythmic sounds.

    Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

    Relaxing Stories & Meditation


Settle yourself

Sleep Cycle is a great companion that will track your sleeping patterns and give you a detailed analysis of the quality of your sleep.

Even better, you can set the alarm clock within the app and it will find the right moment, when you are in a light phase of sleep, to wake you – ensuring that you always feel refreshed in the morning.

    Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker

    Sounds, Stories & Smart Alarm