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Feature Overview

- Vocal Extractor separate songs in Music Library into vocal and accompaniment by just tapping a button on the main screen(*1) and make Karaoke and a cappella track instantaneously

- Generated vocal and backing(Karaoke) tracks can be saved to files and exported to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and etc.,so that you can use those isolated tracks on the other applications or on the other platforms (*2)

- Unlike traditional apps based on OOPS, Out of Phase Stereo technology, Vocal Extractor uses AI, Deep Learning technologies which allow us to separate vocals/voices from songs such as monaural recordings or not center-panned vocal recordings that traditional apps can't remove vocals

- You can import mp3,m4a,wav format music files from iCloud,Dropbox,Google Drive and etc. as source music. Therefore you can import your live recording files recorded by other applications to this app and you will be able to remove or extract vocal from those recordings.

- Embedded player has a feature to switch playing original, vocal, or backing tracks while playing

*1. Only downloaded on the device and NOT DRM protected songs can be chosen as source data

*2 .Saved output files will be sampling rate 44.1KHz m4a or wav monaural or stereo format.Saving file is an in-App purchase feature. So we recommend to test the quality of vocal separation on embedded player the consider to purchase this feature

How to Use

1. You will see the main screen after the launch page. Tap Music Library button and choose a music then it is loaded to the app.

2. Tap Vocal Extract button located in the center of the main screen. Extraction and Removing will start and upon completion, Vocal,Backing and Save buttons will be active.

3. Choose one of Original, Vocal or Backing then tap Play Back button so that you can playback the selected track of your music

4. After extraction, you will see Save Vocal and Save Backing buttons are active.If you tap one of those buttons at the first time, in-App purchase screen will show up. If you want to save outputs to files externally, we recommend to confirm the quality of vocal separation and then consider to purchase this option. Once you purchase, in-App purchase screen will never show up again. Instead of that, you will be able to save files after save confirmation pop-up is displayed.

5. The name of saved files will be “original file name without suffix”+ “_vocal.m4a” and “_backing.m4a”. You can not rename them on this version. The sampling rate and the format of output files are 44.1KHz m4a or wav.

6. In order to export output files from the app container, tap Export button. You will see the list of files stored in this app. Choose a file and tap Export menu on the navigation bar, the document providers screen will appear. Choose a location to save the file. If you success the export, you will see a pop-up that indicates the export was successfully started. The actual exporting process performs background.

7. Your m4a, mp3 and wav format music files can also be used on this app as source data. If you want to load them, place them on iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or other document providers configured on your iPhone. Then tap Import button to import the file to the container in this app.

8. After successfully importing the file, Tap File button, you will find the file you have just imported on the list of files. Then choose the file and Load menu on the navigation bar, the content of the file will be loaded and ready to extract or playback

9. Import and Export functions can only work with the document providers which successfully configured on your device.

Many icons used on the main screen are derived from icons8.

Other information can be found at http://vocalextractor.com/en/

ما الجديد

الإصدار 5.1

The new features of this version(5.1)
- Can shift output sound pitch in semitone steps
The new features of this version(5.0)
- memory footprint reduction
- bug fix
The new features of this version(4.9)
- reduce power consumption while the app is in the background
- bug fix
The new features of this version(4.8)
- Support MP4 and QuickTime Movie video file formats as source of vocal separation
- Import from video file from Camera Roll
- File rename function added
- bug fix
The new features of this version(4.7)
- updated the message shown when purchased
The new features of this version(4.6)
- support iOS 14
The new features of this version(4.5)
- bug fixes
The new features of this version(4.4)
- bug fixes
- new logo design
The new features of this version(4.3)
- better interaction with other apps by new export/import features
- bug fix
The new features of this version(4.2)
- reduced required run time memory to extract vocals for longer song
- UI optimization for easier operation
- fixed some issues and improved stability

The new features of this version(4.1)
- bug fix
The new features of this version(4.0)
- improved vocal separation performance and sounds quality powered by Spleeter
- New UI , more symbolic buttons, help and information view, getting started tutorial for easier to use
- 44.1 KHz (CD quality) only (16KHz is no longer available)
- The free version extracts and playbacks for first 90sec of the song at 44.1KHz.
- bug fix
The new features of this version(3.21)
- bug fix
The new features of this version(3.2)
- reduced memory footprint drastically during extraction and increase stability when extract very long songs
The new features of this version(3.1)
- Support saving vocal and instrumental tracks in WAV format in addition to AAC.
The new features of this version(3.0)
- CD quality (44.1KHz) sound support in addition to the current sound quality(16KHz)
- support 44.1KHz playback and export both vocal and accompaniment tracks
- The existing paid customers can use this feature by just upgrading to the latest version.
- The vocal separation performance on 44.1KHz is slightly better than 16KHz in general but depends on each source song.

** Note. As longer song requires larger memory and 44.1KHz requires more memory than 16KHz, vocal extraction may not work for long source music at 44.1KHz depends on each iPhone model due to memory size on the device. The guideline of source length at 44.1KHz stereo mode is below.

max. length
5min iPhone 5,5s,6,6+
10min iPhone 6s,6s+,7,SE,8,X
16min iPhone 7+,XS,XS max

- memory usage optimization
- faster extraction
- less memory footprint during extraction

- bug fix

The new features of this version (2.0)
- Stereo mode
You can extract, play and save vocal and backing tracks in 2ch stereo mode
- bug fix
The new feature of this version (1.2.1)
- fixing bugs relating to saving tracks features
The new features of this version (1.2)
- Background audio playback
- Playback while Silent switch turns on
- Spanish localization
New features on this version (1.1)
- French localization
- peak memory footprint reduction by about 25% and improve stability when extracting vocal from long music files
- fixed UI issues on iPhone SE platform

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