Love Marvel? Play these games

Whatever you’re into, there’s a game for that.

From the comics to the hit movies, if you’re into Spider-Man, Black Panther or just wearing tight-fitting costumes in general, we’ve got something for you.

Superheroes: fight!
Undoubtedly, Marvel Contest of Champions is the game to play if you're ready to rumble as your favourite superhero.

The controls are simple, so it’s easy to get going straight away. And there are so many characters, scenarios, challenges, settings and live events to enjoy, it’ll keep you playing for weeks, months – maybe years.

This is as comprehensive as it gets for Marvel fans. Oh, and it’s a great fighting game too.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Super Hero Fighting Game


Something for younger players
For straight up comedy larks, you can’t go wrong with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. It’s exactly the kind of 3D puzzle-platform adventure that UK gamemaker Traveller’s Tales has perfected over the years – and the way it pokes fun at comicbook tropes is genuinely funny.

SMASH! The LEGO games are a great option for Marvel-loving younglings.

    LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes



The strategic one
Big casts of characters having equally big fights sounds like the ideal set-up for a turn-based squad battle game. And that’s exactly what Marvel Strike Force is.

Like Contest of Champions, the sheer scale of the roster, number of things to see and do plus live events and constant updates will give Marvel fans plenty to get their teeth into.

This one’s a more tactical affair; you pick which hero attacks next and indeed which attack they should use.

    MARVEL Strike Force

    MARVEL Heroes & Villains Await