Learning English made simple

Even if English lessons at school weren’t your cup of tea (or coffee), there are loads of great apps that will help you prepare for your next visit to New York City or business trip to London.

Learn through short lessons
These apps all have one thing in common. They offer short, bite-size lessons which make them perfect for learning on your commute to the office or on the way to school. Instead of trying to learn endless pages of vocabulary, you can talk to a chatbot, solve short puzzles or watch videos from native speakers to correct your pronunciation.

And because there’s a variety of different approaches, you can pick the app that best suits the way you want to learn.

A great starting point

Duolingo is ideal for people just beginning to learn English or for those who are having trouble motivating themselves to learn every day. The app helps you to stay on course towards your goals, letting you practice no matter where you are. It’s also perfect for those seeking a refresher on their vocabulary and above all, it makes learning fun!

    Duolingo - Language Lessons

    Learn Spanish, French, German


For advanced users

If you want to become a more advanced speaker then busuu may prove to be the best app for you. It offers courses to bring you to the B2 level, which is considered fluent enough to easily converse with a native speaker.

There’s also a huge busuu community so you can chat with other users from all over the world. This means you’ll not only be practising your conversation skills, but also your listening technique as not everyone you’ll encounter will speak with the clear diction of a teacher.

    Busuu: Fast Language Learning

    Learn Spanish, French, German


Speaking English like a pro

For those aiming for fluency in business English as well as conversational language, check out Babbel. The app offers you comprehensive language courses that will take you all the way from beginner level to advanced with lessons that are particularly useful in business contexts. That means you’ll learn the technical terms and idioms you might need for a particular job role.

    Babbel – Learn Languages

    Speak Spanish, French & more


So however you want to learn, there’s lots of resources that will suit your language goals. And these apps can teach you plenty of other languages besides English; the only thing you’ll need, is the motivation to complete your course.