Painlessly plan a group getaway

Whether you’re planning a blowout family reunion or just a long weekend with friends, the logistics of group travel can feel like herding cats. These apps make planning less stressful, so you can focus your energy on the important part: having fun.

Make Plans (Without Sending a Million Texts)

Planning a trip requires dozens of conversations – nailing down dates, debating where to stay, picking restaurants and so on. GroupMe helps keep those exchanges organised so you’re not constantly searching your text messages and emails.

Create separate Groups (or threads) customisable by topic and participant, poll your travel mates, share photos and keep a collaborative calendar (great for itinerary planning) – all in one tidy place.


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Stock Up for the Trip (Without Duplicating Stuff)

You never want to show up to your beach house or mountain cabin with five Uno decks and only one spoon. Use this synchronised shopping list so everyone knows what you still need (and don’t).

Tap icons to quickly add preset items – from breakfast basics to sunscreen – or enter your own essentials (hair dryer, oyster knife, Pamplemousse La Croix).

Everyone receives a notification when the list is updated or finalised. You can also alert the group if you’re about to make a late-night shopping run.

    Bring! Shopping List & Recipes

    Simple Grocery List and Wallet


Split Any Bill (Without Drama)

Keeping tabs on who has paid what while travelling is exhausting – and can wreak havoc on friendships if someone feels they’ve spent more than their fair share. Splitwise tracks expenses, so you can forget the mental maths needed to figure out if that boat ride you bought cancelled out the museum entry your mate paid for.

Simply set up a group, add expenses along the way, then split the costs however you wish: equally, by percentage, or with specific amounts (great for when you only ordered a salad and the rest of the table went all-in with rib eyes). And at the end, tap Settle Up to pay your share.


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