Education apps for iPad and Apple Pencil

Tap for apps that transform the classroom for teachers, students and parents.

Whether by simulating a biology experiment or facilitating group assignments, these apps help educators and students make the most out of iPad and Apple Pencil in and out of the classroom.

For biology

Froggipedia gives students a comprehensive view of the complete life cycle of a frog, from tadpole to hopping amphibian and brings a new level of immersion to anatomy lessons. The app uses AR (augmented reality) to provide a complete view of a frog’s skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.

Coolest Apple Pencil trick: Using an Apple Pencil in place of a scalpel, walk through a simulated dissection of the frog, complete with pressure sensitivity, to make sure your virtual cuts aren’t too deep.


    Explore the amphibian in AR


For whiteboarding

Explain Everything makes it easy for students to put together drawings, text, photos and videos from various apps to create a single presentation to share with classmates and teachers. Importing and rearranging each element on the whiteboard couldn’t be easier.

Coolest Apple Pencil trick: Use your Apple Pencil to drag and drop media throughout the app, hand write annotations and add drawings.

    Explain EDU

    Record videos, teach & learn


For a paperless classroom

Showbie makes a truly paperless classroom possible. Teachers can upload lesson plans and assignments to Showbie or select from hundreds that other educators have shared in the app.

Before sending assignments to students and parents, teachers can add custom instructions as well as attach a voice memo. The app displays a real-time list of which students have turned in their work and any questions they may have.

Coolest Apple Pencil trick: With Apple Pencil, Showbie not only lets students take handwritten notes, but also allows teachers to mark up homework and quizzes – without smudges or inky hands.


    Paperless Classroom


For design

The architecture and design app Morpholio Trace is equally at home in a professional office as in the classroom. This accessible tool lets you develop your ideas in layers, with helpful perspective grids, so you can draw buildings, objects, home designs and landscape plans.

Coolest Apple Pencil trick: A variety of lifelike pen and brush options make capturing your ideas quick and natural.

    Morpholio Trace - Sketch CAD

    Design & Architecture Drawing