Rename 1,000 files in 10 seconds

Name Mangler makes quick work of file renaming.

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Have a folder of photos with seemingly random names like DSCF0184.jpg? Name Mangler makes quick work of renaming them all at once, no matter how simple or complex your preferred taxonomy may be.

Just drag all the files into the Name Mangler window to get started. Here are three of the many approaches you can take. (The examples here focus on photos, but Name Mangler works on any kind of file.)

Count ’em up

You’ve got a couple hundred photos from a recent holiday that you want to name 2019 Summer Holiday 001, 2019 Summer Holiday 002 and so on. Like your relaxing time on the beach, this one’s no sweat.

In the sidebar, choose Sequence from the menu at the top. Enter “2019 Sumer Holiday” for your prefix and set the number of digits to 3.

Click Rename Files and – voilà – everything is perfectly titled.

Name Mangler’s file list shows you a preview of each file’s new name before you commit.

Add it on

Wouldn’t it be great if each image’s filename included the camera model, so you could see at a glance which were taken with a DSLR or your iPhone? Name Mangler to the rescue!

Choose Add Suffix from the menu at the top, click the plus button next to Suffix, then choose Image > Model.

Use Smart actions to add helpful metadata to your filenames.

Get complex

Name Mangler lets you string multiple actions together too. For example, what if you want to keep the image numbers your camera assigns but remove the “IMG” and add the client’s name?

Choose Remove from the menu at the top and set it to remove the first three characters. Then click Add Step (at the top right) to append an Add Suffix action that tacks on the client name.

Build an advanced series of actions to get exactly the naming scheme you want.

Add as many steps as it takes to get the perfect names: find, replace or insert text, change case and more. And if the predefined options aren’t enough, use the app’s Name Conversion Description Language to create sophisticated custom actions, including regex. Name Mangler can handle it.

    Name Mangler 3