Unique ways to journal your journeys

What makes travel so precious is that each trip is never the same. The unique people and things you encounter on the road end up adding to you as a person. With an iPhone in hand, how can you document these life-changing experiences?

You can do like most people and flood your social media with pics. Then there’s the old-school route: pack a notebook to jot things down, print your photos and make a travel journal when you get back home. Or, you can just let your passport stamps tell your travel tales.

No matter which method you prefer, it can all be done on your iPhone in high quality and with a personal touch.

One highlight a day

How much of your daily life should you document? Surprisingly, a single second is all it takes. There’s no need to rely on taking tons of photos. A singular slice of life is enough to boot up the old memory bank while giving you more time to enjoy the present.

1 Second Everyday is a video editing app that allows you to capture moments in one-second clips with text and save them to a calendar interface. Choose any highlight of your day, from a sudden rainbow in the sky to a chat with friends.

    1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

    Create your life movie


Compile a travel album

For older souls who prefer the warmth of physical media, Journi is an excellent tool. Aside from helping collect photos and notes, the app lets you print out your favourites into a real photo book.

The app first sorts through your snapshots by country and region. Then you can open the New Photo Book tab and select the folder you want to work with. From there, choose a cool layout, add captions and curate your pics into a professional-looking, physical album.

    Travel Blog and Journal

    Your Story with Photos & Maps


Every trip is a milestone

There’s this sense of achievement to browsing through your passport stamps and reminiscing about past journeys. Fog of World adds to that experience by gamifying your real world travels. Simply put, the more places you go, the more the app reveals to you.

The game begins with a world map shrouded in fog. The only way to clear the skies is to explore. While covering new terrain, you can collect badges from all the countries and regions you visit. You can also review your tracks and other metrics such as total area traversed and degree of map completion.

Enjoy documenting your travels, and bon voyage!

    Fog of World

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