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HSK HeChinese Book 2
Speak and read Chinese directly.

HeChinese Series:

1. HeCharacter (On AppStore);
2. HeInput (On AppStore);
3. HSK HeChinese Book 1 (On AppStore);
4. HSK HeChinese Book 2 (This Application).

The best way to learn Chinese speaking and reading.


HeChinese Book 2 is the third book in the HeChinese series, you need to study the first three Books, then study this ebook.

For Chinese language study, the study method plays a critical role; it may decide easy or difficult, effective or ineffective, success or failure.

Starting from PinYin to learn Chinese is a Chinese study method, which has been used for decades worldwide, but it is not an effective way.

Firstly, since PinYin letters are the same as English letters, so foreigners read PinYin with English sounds and tones, and it is difficult to change.

Secondly, starting with and relying on PinYin leads students to be afraid of Chinese Characters/words; as a result, many foreign students are not able to read Chinese after a long time study.

Thirdly, inputting Chinese with PinYin does not help to practice and to memorize Chinese writing, but does gradually erase the memory of words’ shape and writing.
These are 3 reasons why the PinYin Chinese study method is wrong; actually, it is PinYin method that makes Chinese even hard to learn.

PinYin was introduced in 1958, before that there was no PinYin in Chinese study, nowadays when Chinese kids learn to speak from parents, PinYin is still not involved. So PinYin is not a study method for Chinese pronunciation in China in the past and nowadays.

And PinYin has no relation with Chinese writing, so PinYin is not a study method for Chinese writing as well.

HeChinese Study Method starts Chinese study from 25 characters, it now has a systematic theory and practical technology for Chinese writing & typing, for pronunciation, and for memorizing sounds and meanings. It evolved to have a HeChinese series of books, multi-platform applications, and quick HeChinese courses.

Quick HeChinese course uses textbooks and applications for Chinese study, but an assistant teacher can do a great help for beginning learners. Each study book has an application tied up, and all applications are also available on Web platforms.

Quick HeChinese course is an easy, practical, and effective course for Chinese beginners. It has three steps:

Step 1: in 4-6 hours, getting complete knowledge & skills of Chinese writing and typing through the HeInput coding system.

Online web application:

Step 2: in 10 hours (60 words), speaking directly from Chinese words to learn native Chinese pronunciation (No PinYin and tones involved).

Online web application:

Step 3: By reciting short sentences to remember the sounds and meanings of Chinese words.

HeChinese Book 2 (HeBook2) is a textbook for Step 3, it includes 25 lessons, has total of 300 new words, 550 new phrases, and over 300 sentences, 300 dialogs, all these words, phrases, and sentences, are selected according to HSK2 and HSK3 requirements.

HeBook2 uses carefully selected material to help foreign students to learn Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing quickly and effectively, to prepare for HSK2 or HSK3 test.

Wordlist sample for lessons:

Lesson1: 两级考试准备,希望次第进步
Lesson2: 孔爷先兴私校,总共议员数千
Lesson6: 自从公司工作,清楚应该必须
Lesson11: 报纸条块新闻,长短全部查阅


Versión 7.0

Updated to HSK HeBook 2.


Guilin Ouyang
79.3 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Chino simplificado, Inglés

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  3. HeBook2 16 To 25 USD 9.99


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