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40 Inventive Principles in one app. Speed up your idea generation process using the 40 Inventive Principles from the TRIZ toolbox.

The theory of inventive problem solving, developed by Genrich Altshuller, offers a plethora of tools for generating innovative ideas to solve inventive problems. The 40 Inventive Principles are probably the best-known tool for taking the broader view when working on a task.

40IP contains the 40 Inventive Principles, explained by more than 400 illustrated examples, bundled as a compact reference for every situation. Use it to resolve technical as well as physical contradictions and take advantage of a wide variety of suggestions to increase your idea output.


- 40 Inventive Principles
- 400+ illustrated examples
- Engineering Contradiction (Altshuller Matrix, Matrix 2003)
- Physical Contradiction


Versão 1.3.1

Use the newly-added Matrix 2003 to get even more solutions for technical contradictions and browse through principles and examples easier than ever before. With our first international version of 40IP, we have put the main focus on usability. We added a comprehensive overview for creating contradictions, where you can add or remove parameters in an instant.

Preferred principles for a contradiction are now dynamically sorted to put more relevant principles higher up the list. Also, we added a numbering scheme for subprinciples to make distinct referencing possible.

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