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Comprehensive Multi Factor Access Control Protection — Touch-Free, Passwordless and Whitelisted

Authen Digital®, touch-free access control security, is a patented technology that identifies and stores a representation of a user’s device in the cloud when a user’s device is registered, thereby whitelisting the device. At each login thereafter the user’s device is again re-scanned (nothing is stored on a device), to grant or deny access. The verification process at each login is performed without intrusion or awareness by the user- i.e. touch-free particularly useful for verifications in Zero Trust environments for SIEM where Authen Digital both blocks and can be configured to alert an administrator of attempted intrusions. Unknown devices are simply rejected. Phishing or sharing of a user’s credentials is no longer effective. Particularly useful for Network Managers, every attempt to authenticate, successful or not, is recorded and accessible via the Authen Admin SDK or the Authen Admin App available for free at App Store for iPhone.

No Codes
No Tokens
No One Time Passwords

You don't have to mess with your users login steps anymore. After all, who likes to enter a code every time to just login into an account? Try Authen Digital 2FA in your apps! Go to our website and create a free developer account and get everything you will need to start.


Versão 5.2.1

- macOS icon
- Minor fixes

Privacidade do app

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Dados vinculados a você

Os seguintes dados podem ser coletados e vinculados à sua identidade:

  • Informações de contato

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, por exemplo, com base nos recursos que você usa ou na sua idade. Saiba mais

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