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This app is created for use with the YubiKey NFC and NEO to copy One-time-passwords (OTPs) from a YubiKey into the iOS clipboard.

Once the OTP is in the clipboard, you can switch to another app and Paste the value into a text box for example. It is designed to be as simple as possible.

To use this app you need:
* An iPhone that supports NFC technology (i.e. that also supports Apple Pay's "tap to pay")
* iOS version 11 or later installed
* A YubiKey NFC or NEO token (not v4, nano-size token, U2F key, or any other type)
* Your YubiKey must be programmed with a "Yubico OTP" or "OATH-HOTP" in Configuration Slot 1

How to use this app:
* Launch the app,
* Right away, your iPhone should display a dialog that says "Ready to Scan. Hold YubiKey near the top edge of iPhone"
* Hold your YubiKey flat against the top edge of your phone for a moment, until the phone beeps.
* The OTP will then be displayed on the screen. You can click "Copy OTP to Clipboard", or if you have set the "Auto Copy" slider then OTPs will automatically be saved to the Clipboard each time one is read.

* The iOS API does not allow any way to "trigger" the NFC scanning when the app is closed or in the background. It would be really useful if you could tap the key when you were in Safari etc. and have it "Just Work". But the way the app works now is the best way that is allowed by the API.
* After reading the YubiKey, the "Scan success" checkmark dialog is shown for about 2 seconds. If you tap the home button the dialog should be dismissed right away.


Versão 1.3

Added workaround for YubiKey version 5 firmware bug in OATH-HOTP mode where 8 digit OTPs were emitted with scan codes in the URL instead of digits.


AuthLite LLC
372.7 KB

Requer o iOS 11.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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