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eBook Media Viewer Series #13

Title: Our Day - In the Light of Prophecy

Author: W. A. Spicer

Pages: 380

Details: Fully Illustrated

These are eventful times. With history-making changes
passing rapidly before men's eyes, the questions press upon
thoughtful minds in all lands, What do these things mean?
What next in the program of world-shaping events?

Like a great searchlight shining across the centuries, the
sure Word of Prophecy focuses its bright beams upon Our
Day. In this light we see clearly the trend of events, and
may understand what comes next in the program of history
fulfilling prophecy.

In the Volume of the Book the living God speaks to Our
Day of events of the past that have a lesson for the present,
and of things to come. Divine prophecy fulfilled before
men's eyes is God's challenge to unbelief. The Word of Holy
Writ has been the guiding light through all the ages. It is
the lamp to our feet today.


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