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Análise e colaboração em vídeo

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Supercharge your mobile workflow with the experience on the smaller screen. Now it’s easier than ever to collaborate, review, and manage work with your team, clients, and other stakeholders from anywhere in the world using the app for iPhone and iPad.

Rebuilt from the ground up
Customize how you view your assets — then scroll, scrub, zoom, and comment with incredible precision and responsiveness. Built natively in Swift, the iOS and iPadOS apps allow you to bring the experience with you anywhere.

Find what you need faster
Search comes to the iPhone and iPad apps for the first time. Quickly find the assets, folders, or projects you need on the go.

Experience a faster workflow
Group, tag, and sort assets by out-of-the-box and custom metadata. Edit those fields right in the player — like Status or Rating, when you need to quickly approve on-the-go.

Review more accurately
Scroll, scrub, zoom, and comment with incredible precision and responsiveness. Pinch-and-zoom videos and images up to 400% to inspect fine details. Navigate quickly between assets by swiping left or right. Control your playback speed and resolution, and double-tap to skip backwards and forwards.

Comment more effectively
Leave anchored comments, include links and attachments for reference — even include emojis. Or draw annotations using the new full-screen experience. Over a dozen new commenting features help you get the point across faster.

Customize your Shares
Curate and send professional-looking shares from your iPhone or iPad. All the settings and controls are right there at your fingertips — title, description, appearance, visibility, and more.

See everything the way you’d like to see it
Customize your view including List and Grid options, thumbnail size, and aspect ratio. Reorder visible fields like Status and Rating, or easily sort by fields for more control over your browsing experience.

Enhanced file and folder management
Manage files and folders as easily as using on your desktop. Rename, move, copy, export, and delete files and folders, modify files in bulk, or navigate through all your assets with full folder path support.

Reduce notification fatigue
Get more granular control over which notifications you get and where you get them.

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Versão 4.0.0

Supports Version 3 and Version 4

Avaliações e opiniões

3,7 de 5
10 avaliações

10 avaliações

Johnnybuzz ,

Diretor de programas

Sensacional ferramenta pra quem não pode estar todo o dia na suíte de edição. Eficiente e indispensável nos dias de hoje

Rpbn ,

Poor care with customer blocked all my team work for one morning because they were not able to charge USD 3 bearing in mind that they have my credit card information. The idea is great but the administration processes for paid users has to improve a lot!!

Ludantas84 ,

Não consigo criar projetos!

Quando o teclado aparece para digitar o nome do novo projeto não há formas de esconder-lo novamente, impossibilitando acessar o botão CRIAR.

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