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Do you need GPS NMEA location data for your computer or other device - maybe to use some mapping or navigation software?
Until now, you couldn't get external access to the GPS inside your iPhone or iPad, but now with GPS2IP you can stream the information in realtime to solve your requirements.

BEWARE - GPS2IP is *not* able to be used for the Apple turn-by-turn navigation app, or Google Maps, or most car navigation programs.
It is designed for enthusiasts, or more sophisticated navigation software that can use an external wireless GPS unit. If you aren't sure what NMEA is, please check the website before buying.
This is a rather special piece of software, and must be used in the right system. PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE:

We have a free version "GPS2IP Lite" that has most of the same features, so that you can try it out for free.
Have a look on our website:
Try it for free, and only buy this full-featured version if it does what you need!

The iPhone becomes a GPS server, and to get the information, you just connect to your iPhone using either wifi or Bluetooth LE.
Alternatively, you can also push the NMEA data to any online server, using either TCP or UDP and process the information however you want.The TAIP protocol is also supported.

Each device running GPS2IP can send a unique identifier, so that if you have multiple devices you can determine which device is sending what messages.

GPS2IP now can be configured to restart automatically after your iOS device restarts, so you'll always keep track of your position.

Apart from navigation software, other methods for connection include telnet or netcat, or many terminal programs.

Some navigation software such as MacEnc can read from an IP address natively.
Setting up a connection between MacEnc and GPS2IP is easy.
Just have a look at the capsicumDreams website!

Different NMEA messages can be selected for transmission according to your requirements.
One non-standard message that GPS2IP transmits that is very useful for sailing is $PASHR.

GPS 2 IP can run when the iPhone sleeps to support constant location reporting, but be aware that continued use of the GPS when running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

If your device dies or you turn it off when it was running, GPS2IP now automatically resumes sending the location. Beware that this will decrease battery life - we recommend keeping it charging if possible.

GPS2IP can also be configured to output data at a selectable frequency (for example once every minute).

You can lock the settings, so that no unauthorised people can change the settings.

Lots more information and instructions on usage can be found on our website. Enjoy!


Versão 5.1

» UDP Broadcast capable. Send NMEA traffic to every device on the network.
Only available in the Full Version.
» GPS2IP can connect to a WebSocket Server for almost limitless scaling, and instant data updates

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