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GraffitiVideo Presentation Maker is designed for the people who has a presentation often, such as business people, school teachers, lecturers, bloggers, product reviewers, etc.

With this app, you will be able to create an interactive and dynamic video presentation for your audiences. It is totally new and innovative.

The most useful benefit of making a video presentation is that your audiences can watch it on their phones or PCs at any time and anywhere.

When you have an important material to introduce, just import it into the app. Regarding the material, it supports various formats of documentation, such as a PDF/PPT, Apple documents, and Windows Office files.

In addition to it, you can take an image from the Internet as the app has an embedded browser in it.
Search Internet for the image, and just hold touching over it. Then, the app will bring it on the screen.

The most noticeable function of the app is that you can draw whatever you want on the screen in order to describe what you mean.

Of course, your speech and picture, through the microphone and the camera respectively, are also recorded into the video altogether.

Your iPhone or iPad will turn into your own studio. You will not need expensive equipments and engineers.

[Use cases for business people]
When you want to present the progress of your work to the colleagues in the form of video rather than gathering them into the room.
It will make the people feel free because they will not have to rearrange their schedule and waste time walking into the room and sitting idle.

In case you are in charge of online training for your organisation, the app will be your best tool.
Till today, you have had to reserve the studio and equipments, the whiteboard, etc.
But from now on, the only thing you need is the app.
Take the presentation slide if you have, highlight the noteworthy part, and draw on it whatever you like.

[Use cases for school teachers and lecturers]
Teaching is a kind of building knowledge.
If you record it, it will be a block of the knowledge base.
Some day, it will be a good online library for your students if you run it on the website or online network such as YouTube.

In case your students are going to learn a presentation skill in order to explain what they understood.
Have them use the app, it will help them look at themselves how they speak and how they organise the time.

[Use cases for bloggers and product reviewers]
As you know, the video presentation is much more effective medium for conveying your message to the people.
Make the video in the easiest way, and then insert it into your web page along with the text and images which are not enough some times.

- Record a video with an image, drawing, voice, and camera.
- Support the three major video resolutions; Full HD, HD, and VGA.
- Support PDF/PPT, Apple documents, Microsoft Office documents, etc.
- Import an image from the Internet.
- Merge two or more videos.
- Export videos into Camera Roll.
- Send videos via email.
- Provide page designs for writing, math, english, music, etc.
- Include help and tips.


Versão 1.0.1

- Fixed minor bugs.


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10.5 MB

Requer o iOS 7.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Coreano, Inglês

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