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Gratitude Distinctionary is a collection of definitions and descriptions of words and terms used in the transformational community to facilitate effective communication. It contains a discussion of over 300 Distinctions conceived and written by Dr. Barry M. Warren. Other major contributors are Francine Rahe, Christopher DeSanti and Jo Englesson. The Purpose of the Gratitude Distinctionary is to define and clarify the language, phrases and words that Gratitude Training LLC, its trainers, staff, coaches and other participants use in the training. Further, this ‘Distinctionary’ is intended to support clarity and understanding in the many less formal, but equally important, discussions that occur between graduates of the trainings both in, and out, of the trainings. These words, phrases and distinctive language are, to varying degrees, distinct in the ways the Gratitude community uses them. This ‘Distinctionary’ is not intended to be used to redefine words, terms or phrases that are used in written or verbal legal contracts and agreements that Gratitude LLC has entered into in any domain. The usage and understanding of the words, etc., ‘defined’ herein, are either slightly different, or completely distinct, from the way the same words are used, or understood, in the society at large. Hence, the point and purpose of this work. Some phrases or words listed in this ‘Distinctionary’ are defined here exactly as they are in the society, at large. They are included here to clarify that point. The dictionary occasionally used throughout this Distinctionary is from a generic online dictionary. The app is designed by Jo Englesson and developed by Adrian Stride. Quotation artwork is created by Kris Delgado.


Versão 1.1

Bug fixes and design upgrades.
Displaying the last 31 days of "Distinction of the Day" and "Quotes"
Displaying all distinctions when searching


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