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Smartest Jukebox on the market.

We clone your playlist so the original is never touched and you can save the final party playlist at the end of the night if you want to.

We automatically remove the worst songs (based on voting and playlist length) after every song change.

We let hosts share hosting privileges (including the ability to change songs) with the people they share the admin password with.

Hosts can use the native iOS lock screen controls.

Hosts can swipe to remove any song.

Hosts can change the party and admin passwords at any time.

Hosts can remove songs in bulk with any number of votes below -2 at will.

Guests get a maximum of 3 votes per song per 3 minutes.

Guests and hosts can import their own Spotify playlists and add songs to the party directly from their own libraries.

Guest admins can change the song at will. Songs must play ~30 seconds before the guest admin can change it again. This prevents the songs from jumping around / getting changed too often because two guest admins tried to change the song at the same time...

I'm telling you, this app is SMART.

This app lets you play on your smart home sound systems.

Try it out, can't wait to hear what you think.

***Requires Spotify premium to host. No account required to be a guest.


Versão 3.8.6

Smaller file size

Privacidade do app

O desenvolvedor, Benjamin Barnett, indicou que as práticas de privacidade do app podem incluir o gerenciamento de dados conforme descrito abaixo. Para obter mais informações, consulte a política de privacidade do desenvolvedor.

Dados não coletados

O desenvolvedor não coleta nenhum dado deste app.

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, por exemplo, com base nos recursos que você usa ou na sua idade. Saiba mais

Compatível com

  • Compartilhamento familiar

    Até seis membros da família poderão usar este app com o Compartilhamento familiar ativado.

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