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iDCalc is an application oriented to radiotherapists and medical physicists. It helps with several routine computations used in radiation therapy and nuclear medicine.


- iDCalc is able to translate between several Radiation Quality specification indexes. There is support for the following specifications: TPR 20/10, D20/D10, Depth of the 80% isodose for a 10x10 cm field (D80), Nominal Energy in megavolts (MV), Percent Depth Dose at 10 cm of depth in water (PDD10) and Linear Attenuation Coefficient. The user enters a beam quality specification and iDCalc computes its equivalent using all other indexes.

- Computes the decay of frequently used isotopes from a calibration date to any future or present day.

- Computes the Equivalent Square for rectangular fields for most relevant clinical field sizes. It also computes the Equivalent Square of fields with circular cross sections and the circular equivalent of a rectangular field.

- iDCalc has a built-in library of typical radiation beams with nominal energies from 2 MV to 50 MV. From this library the user can compute Percent Depth Dose (PDD) and Normalized Peak Scatter Factor (NPSF) for any energy in the valid quality range using d80 as the index to enter beam energy. The PDD can be computed for different field size, source to skin distance and depth.


Versão 2.1

Compatibility update for iOS 10.
New isotopes added: Co-57, F-18, Ga-67, Ga-68, I-123, In-11, and Mo-99.
Bibliographic references added.

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1 avaliação

Luciano Schwanck ,


Ótima ferramenta para uso diário em radioterapia, facilita bastante nosso trabalho. Recomendo!


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