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Join the Ignite Tournaments OPEN BETA! A completely FREE competitive esports platform for your favorite mobile games! Compete with players worldwide for cash prizes or host your own tournaments. Ignite Tournaments supports payouts with over 70 currencies in 175+ countries globally, making esports accessible for everyone!

Creating a tournament is a breeze:

- Choose your mobile game
- Set up custom rules
- Select a tournament format and set it to either public of private
- Share it with your friends, family, or with your community.
- Prepare with your competitors using our in-app chat
- Compete and win real cash prizes!

Joining a tournament is just as simple:
- Use our game filter to find your preferred mobile game.
- Discover upcoming tournaments and click 'join:
- Get ready to compete!
- Collect your well-deserved winnings.

We offer a diverse selection of over 70 skill based mobile games, including first-person shooters, strategy games, sports simulations, and fighting games; there's something for every type of gamer.

Whether you're a casual player or a competitive pro, Ignite Tournaments elevates your mobile gaming experience to the next level!


Versão 1.2.6

Tournament Management Enhancements:
- Introducing a disqualification option in TVT tournaments for enhanced control.
- Organizers can now kick users before tournaments start and disqualify post-start for better management.
- Tournament chats have been limited to participants for focused and relevant discussions.
- Prize distribution clarity improved with the addition of percentage breakdowns in the results tab.
- Discord URLs from Tournament Organizers are now clickable, providing seamless navigation within Tournament Details and Chat.

Enhanced Chat Notifications:
- Chat notifications have been streamlined, no longer spawning multiple windows for a smoother chat experience.
- Unread indicators are now more reliable, ensuring you never miss an important message.
- Discord URLs shared in DMs and Team DMs are now fully clickable, connecting you instantly.

Streamlined Sign-Up Process:
- We've fine-tuned error handling on registration, so you're never left wondering what went wrong.

Interface and Interaction Refinements:
- Profile stats now update more reliably, giving you up-to-date information without manual reloads.
- The TVT Battle Royale creation process is more intuitive, with the correct game image now displayed after Step 3.
- Locating your past and upcoming tournaments is a breeze with drafts now properly displayed in the Drafts tab.

Performance and Stability Boosts:
- Resolved a bug that affected scrolling, ensuring uninterrupted interaction with the app.
- Addressed the disappearing bottom navigation bar on the Tournament Matches tab, so you can navigate with confidence.
- Improved reliability of SMS verification delivery

Security and Accessibility Advances:
- Deep linking has been enhanced to function even if the app is closed, offering a quicker return to your gaming session.
- Deep links now operational when shared via Discord, for a seamless transition from conversation to competition.
- Improved in-app navigation post-account creation, with profile icons consistently loading.

Stay Informed and Prompt:
- New 'starting in 5 minutes' push notifications mean you'll never miss the start of a tournament again.

Update to the latest version now and join us in shaping the future of mobile esports. Your feedback is crucial, so keep it coming, and let's continue to raise the game together. Happy gaming!

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