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Infinity Monitor provides a shortcut for the mouse cursor thus it makes it faster for the cursor to move throughout the monitor. Once reached the edge of the screen Infinity Monitor allows the mouse cursor to get back from the opposite side of the monitor, so you don’t have to move all the way back.
This function is extremely useful for those who use the trackpad on their laptop, in particular for those who work with multiple monitors and also for peoples affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

● Everything is manageable from the menu bar icon on the top right.
● It is possible to choose which borders to activate and which corners to deactivate to preserve the 'Hot Corners' function.
● Enable/disable with One Click on Menu Bar Item using Secondary Click.
● Set the Keyboard Shortcut you prefer to Enable/Disable Infinity Monitor without clicks.
● Keep holding CTRL + ALT + CMD to enable the function only temporarily.

Notice: using multimonitors, actually the monitors should be in horizontal sequence only.

Support: feedbacks, bugs and infos:


Versão 4.1

● Bugfix for Mojave
● Minor improvements

Avaliações e opiniões

Rogério Queiroz ,

Recurso necessário para quem usa múltiplas telas.

Simplesmente funcional. Deveria ser incorporado ao mac OS sem sombra de dúvidas.

Resposta do desenvolvedor ,

Muchas gracias Rogèrio! :) -SOPONEXT

HardyHero ,

Dont work on Catalina

Sometimes it works, some dont.
Not sure why.
Works for sure if I use the feature of press CTRL ALT CMD

Resposta do desenvolvedor ,

Hello, if you have more info about it, please write to Thank you.

Sanfm12 ,

Muito útil!

Todo Mac já deveria vir com essa função.
Esse app é muito útil.


Andrea Nicoli
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OS X 10.6 ou superior, processador de 64 bits


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