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Do you love camping?
We do.
But we love making a difference even more.
that's why Jack camping was created, back there in 1968.

Jack camping has the 6 must have items for camping lovers.
Camping Rope, Safety Matches, Wood Cutter, Bamboo skewers.

You can’t go camping without a rope, a safety matches or skewers for barbecue or marshmalow...you know that.

But what makes our products better than others?

At Jack Camping, we do our part to make a better world.

Do you know 423 billion plastic bottles are produced per year?
most will be disposed of in dumps and many of them will
end up in rivers and oceans.

Did you know rope could be made out of plastic bottles?

Our rope is made of recycled plastic bottles.
We do recycle 360 million discarded plastic bottles per year.
That’s a whole lot of plastic.
132 recycled plastic bottles creates our 100 ft camping rope.

Unless you are a pro at rubbing two sticks together
you need a way to make a campfire.
Our safety matches come from a responsible plantation and last much longer.

And don’t worry about the trees.
For each tree used to create our matches, skewers or wood cuttelry,
we plant 4 more in its place.

Jack Camping is the sustainable solution for all of your camping needs.
We are committed to providing green gear for any outdoor adventure.

Jack camping is 100% ecofriendly.
If it’s not eco-friendly, we don’t sell it.

what planet are you going to leave for your children?
If you love camping,like us
you must to buy only ecofriendly products.


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