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Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information coming at you everyday? Can't keep track of what you learn and make it stick? helps you learn and remember the stuff you care about.

1. Capture/Discover
Capture concepts in tiny cards, organized by topic, using a simple question/answer format. You can create your own or browse featured content created by others.

2. Practice
Review your cards to see how well you know them. Answers are hidden at first. Making an active effort to recall them and relate the different concepts involved, is one of the most important steps in learning. It's how you grow that beautiful knowledge tree you have between your ears.

3. Track your progress
As time passes, it's natural for memories to start fading away. uses spaced repetition algorithms to decide which cards you should practice first and to estimate your progress over time. If you stop practicing, you may notice your estimated confidence decreasing in a given card or topic. On the other hand, the more you practice, the longer it takes for that knowledge to fade away. You'll see your confidence rise in an increasing number of concepts across multiple topics. Isn't it cool to track your weak spots and key strengths? :)


Pedro Vasconcelos
19.6 MB

Requer o iOS 11.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Classificação indicativa
Uso infrequente/moderado de obscenidades ou humor grosseiro
Temas adultos/sugestivos infrequentes/moderados
Referências infrequentes/moderadas a álcool, tabaco ou drogas

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