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**The Official MekaMon App**

MekaMon is a robot like no other. Compete in real-life multiplayer battles or ranked single-player augmented reality combat in this unique hybrid of virtual and real-world play. Controlled entirely through your iOS device, MekaMon offers next level robotics, gaming, and AR.

A MekaMon robot is required for the full experience - head to before exploring the world of MekaMon right here in the app.


Help your MekaMon find its feet in Free Drive. Pilot and experiment with MekaMon’s movement and gait, and play back your custom Motions.

Meteoroids has returned! Jump into classic arcade action, with an AR twist, and survive against waves of robot-crushing meteoroids!

-AR Skirmish-
Our revolutionary single player game mode has seen a complete overhaul with ARKit, new tracking algorithms, and a completely new user experience. And now enjoy groundbreaking augmented reality gameplay even when you’re away from your MekaMon! Requires a device supporting ARKit.

Recruit up to three friends to experience enhanced MekaMon Battles. Gameplay has been rebuilt from the ground up, offering deeper combat, but with a simplified user experience. And with streamlined weapon management, you can now upgrade and customise your robot as you make your living room the battlefield.

Can you survive against increasingly difficult waves of ranked opponents?

Build your own custom AR Battle! Control almost 40 unique settings, to build the game *you* want to play.

Develop your own animations with MekaMotion, and give your robot its own unique movements. Soon you'll be able to use these animations in your Battles.


Jump into extended MekaMon lore! Explore articles, battle posters, and a MekaMon classroom safety pamphlet, as you learn about the MekaMon universe.



MekaMon is now more alive than ever! From multi-coloured head LEDs to expressive body language, MekaMon has a number of ways to tell you how it’s feeling. Watch as your robot reacts to your touch in real-time, with highly tuned results. MekaMon lives and plays alongside you and if it’s not happy, you’ll know about it!


MekaMon moves with unparalleled fluidity. Originally designed to deliver exceptional build quality and industry-leading movement, all new dynamic and responsive interaction means MekaMon moves better than ever.


MekaMon is always evolving. Our developers are constantly working to deliver brand new games and experiences. From regular firmware updates to ensure your robot runs smoothly to new app features designed to keep your MekaMon at the cutting edge of connected play, your robot is never left behind. This means we can offer the same next generation experiences on our previous MekaMon models, keeping all our pilots on the battlefield.

C’mon, you apes! You wanna live forever?


Versão 2.3.0

- Removed web-service dependencies
- Added joint-angle animation guides to MekaMotion
- iOS 13 support
- Embedded Motions
- Removed intra-app links
- Fixed some bugs



Reach Robotics Limited
501.9 MB

Requer o iOS 11.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Português, Alemão, Bokmål, norueguês, Checo, Dinamarquês, Espanhol, Francês, Grego, Holandês, Húngaro, Inglês, Italiano, Polonês, Sueco, Turco

Classificação indicativa
9+, devido a:
Violência infrequente/moderada em desenhos animados e fantasia
© 2019 Reach Robotics Limited

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