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We train our brain by memorizing and remembering those objects that are displayed at the beginning of each phase of the game, therefore, we make a mental effort that turns out to be very beneficial for our brain. It is an excellent option to have fun and also to carry out an activity easily recommended by experts in the field of neurology.

In this game we must find the repeated object, clicking on each of the boxes. If the two boxes contain the same object, the boxes are left open. If the objects are different, the boxes are closed. The phase ends once all the squares have been opened.
If the number of attempts made is greater than the number of hits, each time two identical objects coincide, at the end of the phase we lose a life.

In the initial level of 4x3 squares, the simplest, we have 3 lives. At each higher level, with greater difficulty, we will obtain an extra life.

We have different templates or levels for the game. The simplest is the one with 4x3 squares, with a total of 12 squares. We have the following levels:
4x3. 12 squares.
4x4. 16 squares.
4x5. 20 squares.
4x6. 24 squares.
4x7. 28 squares.
4x8. 32 squares.
4x9. 36 squares.

From the configuration screen, we can select the level of the game. It is also possible to show for a certain time, configurable, if all the boxes are shown or not when starting a new phase. Time to memorize the situation of the objects. Or play blind, not knowing where the objects are.

Bookmarks on the game screen:
The lives we have are shown in the upper right corner.
The top center shows the current score.
The hits for the current phase are displayed in the lower left corner.
Faults for the current phase are displayed in the lower right corner.

The greater the difference between successes and failures, in each of the phases, the greater the number of points achieved.


Versão 1.5

Ready for iOS 15

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