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My QuitBuddy helps you get, and stay, smoke- and vape-free.
Whether you’re thinking about quitting, working up to your quit date or ready to quit now, My QuitBuddy can be customised to suit whatever stage you’re at on your quit journey and help you stay smoke- and vape-free.

My QuitBuddy can help you through the hardest times with helpful tips and distractions to overcome cravings; tracking systems to chart your progress; and all the facts you need to understand the impacts smoking and vaping have on your health.

There is an entire community of buddies there to help you out, with success stories, experiences and handy tips.

Feel good about how much money you’re saving and how much nasty stuff your lungs are avoiding. Over time, watch the savings and results begin to pile up.

All quit journeys are full of ups and downs, depending on how you’re feeling on any given day. On days when your cravings are strong, distractions and soothing imagery are available to help you get through. 

Quitting can be hard and most people try a number of times before they finally quit for good. 

My QuitBuddy is with you every step of the way.

Key Features:
- 'Quit Now', prepare to 'Quit Later' or 'Continue Quitting'.
- Set your goals and understand your motivations to quit.
- Nominate friends or family who you can call in the tough times.
- View your progress, including a count of every day, hour and minute you stay smoke- and vape-free and how much money you've saved.
- For the first 30 days of your journey, you'll receive a helpful tip when you open the app.
- You can nominate any Danger Times and My QuitBuddy will get in touch to keep you on track.
- My QuitBuddy helps with a range of distractions to occupy your mind and your hands through any moments of craving.
- Read helpful messages from other people who are quitting with My QuitBuddy and leave your own for others to read.
- If you need additional backup, you can call the Quitline directly on 13 7848 (13 QUIT) from the app.


Versão 5.0.2

Bug fixes

Privacidade do app

Australian Department of Health, responsável pelo desenvolvimento do app, indicou que as práticas de privacidade do app podem incluir o gerenciamento de dados conforme descrito abaixo. Para mais informações, consulte sua política de privacidade.

Dados vinculados a você

Os seguintes dados podem ser coletados e vinculados à sua identidade:

  • Localização
  • Identificado­res
  • Informações confidenciais

Dados não vinculados a você

Os seguintes dados podem ser coletados, mas não estão vinculados à sua identidade:

  • Conteúdo do usuário
  • Identificado­res
  • Informações de uso
  • Diagnóstico

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, por exemplo, com base nos recursos que você usa ou na sua idade. Saiba mais

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