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Nebula is an independent streaming service built by Creators. It features thoughtful videos, podcasts, and classes tailored for our audience — ad free. When using the Nebula app, you’ll enjoy access to:

• A full catalog of videos, podcasts, and classes from all of our creators
• Exclusive Nebula Originals every month
• Nebula Plus — Extended cuts with additional, exclusive content
• Notifications when your favorite creators release a new video
• Video downloads for offline viewing

Not to mention you’ll have our eternal gratitude for supporting independent creators.

Usage of the app and its features requires an active subscription to Nebula.
Classes content within the app requires an active subscription to Classes.


Versão 2.9

• Introducing the Shared with You rail—a section in Featured which surfaces Nebula links received through Messages
• Re-introducing the beloved swipe down gesture to minimize the video player
• Faster loading of videos and lessons
• Said farewell to our oldest bug; an animation issue on channels that had exactly two videos (we’ll never forget you)

Avaliações e opiniões

4,3 de 5
46 avaliações

46 avaliações

Guilherme Moresco ,

Improvements needed

Hey, great initiative, please add the following as soon as you can:

- PiP playback, YouTube’s delay on this has been stupid enough
- Playback in reduced window so we can browse around Nebula without interrupting the video
- Video history, even if only local or whatever (privacy right?)
- Comments would be nice maybe, depending on the creators’ say

gserv2 ,

Great idea, needs improvement

The idea behind Nebula is truly great, but some things still make it a not-so-good experience:
- Takes really, really longer to load via VPN, despite several creators being *sponsored* by VPNs;
- Double-tap on the sides to forward/rewind 10s only works if there’s video on the area;
- Several times I quit the video by dragging it down, expecting it to become miniaturized;

Suggestion: I truly wouldn’t mind if you guys used Apple’s default video player, given it’s a standard and gets constantly updated, giving you guys room to improve other areas of the app.

João Lyra Araujo ,

Needs some improvement

1 PIP like YouTube. I like to searching while listening current video.
2 history
3 playlist

4 long shot. Some kind of comments. (Please don’t make another YouTube. Something like a Forum. Sugestiona etc.

5 Give a filter option above. Like on my shows tab.
I with I could filter by date. Other. See it’s content exclusive to nebula. A search box inside menus, not only a global search.

I have singed with CS to get the bundle and support some creators from nebula. I still use YouTube because is easier Sometimes I force myself to go to nebula. But it need some features.

I see the content is well thought out. But a speed control help sometimes. When you already know part of the topic. Or better yet when you’re watching again.

This is my first experience and is been very good. CS is a caos. Nebula. Much more clean. Like it.
Congratulations guys. Let’s make a business to these amazing creators.

BTW. Good to see the APTV app. I’m going to move it no my room.

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