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This application is to discover islands, shores, seas and oceans all around the world. It proposes more and more services to travel, navigate, cruise, stay informed...

Oceans works as a portal: most islands, most services have an independant life, either on our servers or on the AppStore. When they are already installed on your iPad or iPhone, Oceans open them as fastly as if they were integrated in its code. If they are not yet there, Oceans connects you to the App Store or to its own servers for download and installation.

All of them are free.

Oceans offers an accurate onboard map system which works offline, when there is no connexion to the internet. You can even use it as a GPS when you are on the spot. It’s a smart incremental system which can mix world maps and local maps for each downloaded region. Oceans proposes a map library fromwhich you can download more free mapsfor the best accuracy.

When an Internet connexion is available, the map service can display satellite images and online maps instead of the local offline maps.

Oceans now includes a library in which you can add your own personal travel books using the multimedia editor "EDeezy family" on your Mac, to be seen on your iPad or iPhone. "EDeezy family" is available on the Mac App Store.


Versão 4.0.1

iOS 7 compatible


JLF Entreprises
20.2 MB

Requer o iOS 4.3 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Francês, Inglês

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