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Origami video graphic teaching includes various kinds of origami teaching such as animals, plants, daily necessities, vehicles and toys. It helps children and adults who want to learn origami to turn a piece of paper into a beautiful paper art step by step through graphic explanation. If you are a child, you can learn all kinds of folding methods of origami through the teaching encyclopedia to improve your deep thinking about the structure of things; If you are a parent, you can teach your children in the teaching encyclopedia to increase the interaction between you and your children; If you are a craftsman, you can refer to the folding methods in the teaching book for inspiration, so that you can create new paper crafts
Origami is a kind of hand-made game to provide entertainment, which can improve hands-on ability, develop intelligence and improve people's innovative thinking ability. Origami works not only have decorative effect, but also have good practical value, which can greatly enrich people's life.
What are the advantages of origami for children?
1. Origami is very suitable for children's fine exercise, can exercise children's finger flexibility, as well as hand eye coordination.
2. Origami needs to be done step by step. It can cultivate children's ability to do things in an orderly way
3. Origami can also cultivate children's observation and attention.
4. As origami is ever-changing, children's creativity, imagination and image thinking ability can be developed through origami.
5. After a child folds an origami work, it will bring him / her a sense of accomplishment.
6. When making origami, we often communicate with teachers, classmates and parents. It not only promotes the harmony among students, teachers and parents, but also develops children's language expression and communication skills.
7. Origami is a very good parent-child game
In addition, origami art can also improve children's artistic accomplishment. If you have any good origami making methods, you are welcome to provide them to us.
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