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Imagine when there is a really beautiful sunset and you are walking in on the street. You take out your phone, point it upwards to take a photo of the skyline. However, you find that all the vertical lines appear converging, and you use a correction software to make them parallel. What's worse, the tops of the buildings are cropped after the correction.

This once happened to me and it became the starting point for this app: an app that does perspective correction automatically, in real-time.

Introducing Ortho:
- Apply automatic, real-time perspective correction while shooting
- Supports 2x zoom on devices with dual camera.
- Add grid lines to assist composition.
- View out-of-frame regions and frame with precision.
- Multiple aspect ratios to choose from.
- Set aspect ratio to "None" and save trapezoid-shape photos for post-cropping.
- Useful tools: angle display, level, histogram.

By a photographer, for photographers.


Versão 1.0.6

Ortho 1.0.6 brings you the following updates:

Bug fixes:
- Potential crashes on certain devices are now fixed.
- Histogram is now calculated correctly when the aspect ratio is set to "None".
- Clicking "Grant Access" now correctly redirects to Ortho's page in the Settings app.

The next BIG update (v2.0.0) will come in a few months, possibly in late June or early July.
Feel free to contact us if you have any good suggestions for the new features.


WeiHeng Pan
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Requer o iOS 11.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


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