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The Sparks podcast app helps you maximise your learning from your listening; take notes and capture all those fleeting insights from your favourite podcasts.

With Sparks you can follow all your favourite podcasts and listen to new and past episodes. Whether in the car, the kitchen or on your daily commute, Sparks is ready to supercharge your podcast listening.

We all wish we could remember things we heard on that podcast episode last week. With Sparks you just hit the button to add a note (a spark) and capture that thought or inspiration; it's tagged to the podcast episode so you can always find the context again. No more switching over to the Notes app or finding a scrap of paper!

The sparks you save whilst listening are always there for you. No more hunting around to find the really interesting bit from a few weeks ago - just search your sparks and listen to the snippet. Easy.

There's a whole lot more coming soon, this is just the beginning. Send us any feedback or questions to and sign up for the full platform at

Get Sparks and start learning better from podcasts now.


Versão 1.0.4

Find your recently played podcast episodes!
New for this version is a list of the 10 most recent episodes you played. It's an easier way to find that podcast episode and finish your listening. 
Just hit the 'Recent' option in the Listen section.

This version also has a few bug fixes for iOS 14 - mainly around the bottom tab bar and the miniplayer.

Privacidade do app

O desenvolvedor, NEXTLAYER EXPERIENCE LIMITED, indicou que as práticas de privacidade do app podem incluir o gerenciamento de dados conforme descrito abaixo. Para obter mais informações, consulte a política de privacidade do desenvolvedor.

Dados vinculados a você

Os seguintes dados podem ser coletados e vinculados à sua identidade:

  • Informações de contato
  • Informações de uso

As práticas de privacidade podem variar, por exemplo, com base nos recursos que você usa ou na sua idade. Saiba mais

Compatível com

  • Compartilhamento familiar

    Até seis membros da família poderão usar este app com o Compartilhamento familiar ativado.

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