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Spect is a very fast image browser and organizer for those folders full of miscellaneous images you keep on your Mac!

• Quickly open folders containing thousands of images, even from a network drive.

• Use your existing filesystem storage; no importing, no separate catalog or library files.

• Browse just top-level folders, or deep scan into sub-folders.

• Prune images you no longer want with marquee selection and delete.

• Slideshow and shuffled slideshow.

• Drag and drop images.

• A fast, native Mac app built with Cocoa technologies!

** NOTE! ** Spect is not designed to work with Photos libraries. It is intended for use with images stored in plain files and folders on your Mac. Images stored in Photos libraries cannot be seen by Spect unless exported from Photos first.


Versão 1.6.2

• Scrolling and interaction with UI elements should now be more responsive while thumbnails are loading, due to more work being offloaded to background threads.

• Spect now snaps the thumbnail slider to certain specific sizes, which enables optimized thumbnail caching. Adjusting the thumbnail size slider no longer requires reloading any images that have already been cached at the current thumbnail size or larger.

• When reducing thumbnail size via the slider, Spect will reuse an existing thumbnail of a larger size if available instead of reloading the image, which improves responsiveness.

• Other bug fixes.

Thank you to all customers for your support, feedback, and reports. Please rest assured that I continue to track all submitted feature and bug requests, even if your desired change didn't make it into this release.

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Adorei o aplicativo, uma vez que é possível trabalhar com as fotos da mesma forma que se trabalha no Finder, só que bem melhor. Notei que os formatos suportados pelo app incluem JPG, PNG, HEIC, RAW e GIF.


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macOS 10.12 ou superior, processador de 64 bits



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