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Sticky is the Ultimate Trading & Collecting Game!

Play Fun Games, Join Clubs & Make Friends, Win Free Items, Trade 1000s of Collections, Create your own & Earn Money!

Play Fun Games - such as Youverse Avatar Maker, where you create your Youverse Avatar from over 400 limited edition traits and mint it as a customized NFT!

Join Clubs & Make Friends - join clubs focused on your interests, such as the Anime Fan Club & Sneakerhead Club. Clubs are private communities limited to 1000 members.

Win Free Items - Get Coins, Collectibles & NFTs for winning games & completing tasks!

Trade 1000s of Collections - Buy, Sell & Transfer your items on our Professional-grade Exchange! Set your collection & item-level Bids & Asks on the Real Time Order Book, and check out comprehensive Market Activity Statistics. Climb the Leaderboard and become a top Collector & Trader

Create your own items, including Virtual Collectibles inside Sticky, as well as NFTs on Ethereum & Polygon with our NFT Maker. Mint entire collections in minutes, send to friends, list for sale and earn money! Images, Video, Game Characters & Trading Cards with specific traits, and even 3D!

- Is it all about NFTs? No! NFTs are just one of the types of items in Sticky. If you're not into NFTs, there's plenty of other collectibles that trade within Sticky, as well as Games & Clubs! No crypto wallets are necessary. All purchases are with regular in-app-purchases. This mobile app does not support cryptocurrency purchases.
- But what if I really like NFTs? That's cool too - you can connect your own crypto wallet such as Metamask via Wallet Connect, trade & create ERC 721 and ERC 1155 Ethereum & Polygon NFTs, export to your wallet, sell on Sticky or other marketplaces such as OpenSea and Blur, and join some of the clubs focused on NFTs!

- Sticky allows users to create and publish their own items. We strive to keep the community safe, but if you do see inappropriate content, please report it via the in-app features and we will take action within 24h. Publication of inappropriate or copyrighted content, inappropriate promotion of content, abusive or suspect behavior towards other users is not tolerated and will result in ejection from the platform, including with permanent loss of access to items in Sticky.
- All items in Sticky, including Sticky Coins and NFTs listed on public blockchains, are intended for fun, collecting, to play games and join clubs, and should not be regarded as financial investments, securities, derivatives or convertible currencies. While users may profit incidentally from their own activities buying & selling items (like they may profit from trading physical collectibles), that should not be their main objective: Sticky makes no attempt to promote appreciation of items, and the Sticky rules and format may change at any time, including with removal of items. Sticky also does not promote gambling. Should you see any user, collection or item in Sticky promoted in a manner that even resembles that of an investment or gambling, please report them immediately using the in-app-features. Users may earn money by creating and selling items to other users. All payments to users are subject to detailed rules on payment amount calculation and user and item eligibility, which may change at any time and without prior warning at Sticky's discretion, including with the cessation of payments. Although Sticky is easy and fun, NFTs made on Sticky are real. Please take care when creating, minting & buying: transactions on the blockchain cannot be altered or reversed once they are complete.
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Versão 1.4.30

- Introducing Sticky Pro!
- Lots of Bug Fixes

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4,7 de 5
1 mil avaliações

1 mil avaliações

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