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Do you tell yourself every day that you need to stop smoking? Meditation can be the help and support that you need to quit that habit.

A Yale University research study confirms the benefits of Mindfulness and mediation when it comes to quitting an addiction.

The research shows that 30% of people who practice meditation to quit smoking did not smoke a single cigarette in the first week of training, versus the 6% of people who used traditional methods to quit smoking.

An addicted brain is a brain with a great load of stress; it´s a brain that works too fast. Meditation gets the brain to relax and reduces the excess of its activity.

Most smokers know that tobacco is bad for their health; if they don’t quit, it´s because they don´t have the necessary means and tools to say no.

Meditation and Mindfulness will provide the necessary resources to quit smoking

Adaptable to new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

This application will help you to:

Gain the willpower necessary to avoid tobacco

Calm down before smoking so your anxiety doesn´t control you.

Become aware of how disgusting tobacco smoke is (something the smoker has forgotten over time)

Avoid automation of smoking; you will quit smoking in “auto pilot”

Scientific studies:

"Meditate daily for 8 weeks make significant changes in brain regions associated with memory, wellbeing and stress. " - Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General Hospital (United States)

"Through meditating, we are able to improve our well-beings and quality of life." - Dr. Britta Hölzel

"If we want to be truly happy, we must learn to exercise our brains regulary"- Richard Davidson, professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin in Madison


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