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To-Do First is an algorithmic ranking To-Do list that ranks your tasks based on Importance, Urgency, Profitability, Pleasure using various user selectable algorithms.

Choose from 12 unique rank algorithms to prioritize the To-Do's that you feel like doing right now.

For example, if you feel like an easy day you can set the rank algorithm to “Pleasure Prioritised”, which gives higher rank to To-Do's that are pleasurable.

To-Do's can be sorted to display work tasks, personal tasks, or work and personal tasks combined. Tasks within these lists can be ordered by either priority rank or due date.

To-Do First also features a unique "Auto Urgency Mode" that automatically increases the urgency of a To-Do each day as it approaches the due date.

“Auto Urgency Mode” features three “Auto Urgency Models” to determine the rate a To-Do’s urgency value increases between the start and due date. The three “Auto Urgency Models” are fast rise, average rise and late rise. Alternately, you can choose to set the urgency of a task manually.

Now an algorithmic ranking To-Do list can prioritize what you should do first!

Features summary:
► Rank Algorithm automatically generates a ranking out of 100 for each task.
► 12 unique Rank Algorithms let you choose what to focus on.
► Sort by Work or Personal, Rank or Due Date.
► Automatically set Urgency with ‘Auto Urgency Mode’.

If you have an update suggestion for To-Do First, feedback, or for anything else, please email us at

► To-Do First Review by Alexandre R. Labrie, CEO of The International:

I constantly think about what I have to accomplish first. Finish that report? Contact that external vendor? Work on that business strategy in progress? Prioritizing is central to any executive's work and To-Do First makes that a lot easier. It has taken away the time I used to spend wondering what I should do and it has freed my schedule from tasks I have now realized were not as crucial to our goals.

I usually have my setting on 'importance', but in late evenings, I set it to 'pleasure'. This allows me to work on side projects that I find more stimulating but that nonetheless contribute to our progress. Put simply, this app takes the pain away from prioritizing your work and helps you to work smarter. It is a business tool that increases your efficiency.

Alexandre R. Labrie
CEO, The International


Versão 2.02

Updated for latest iOS
New GUI design


640 KB

Requer o iOS 8.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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